The saree is one of the oldest and maybe even the only unstitched garment that has survived the test of time. Not only is the saree a glamorous and sensuous all-time favorite for women, it is also like a blank canvas for the countless weavers and printers, on which they can create art.

To begin with, tall women should opt for sarees with broad borders, pallu-patli, or half and half sarees. Conversely, prints, thinner borders and monochrome sarees will be better suited to those who are shorter in height.

Now, whenever you choose to buy sarees online, remember that you have the ultimate creative freedom to play with the look as much as you want. That is why we have for you our top 8 ways to accessorise your sarees. Each of these accessories is unique in its own way and adds a special element to your persona.

Jacket Blouses
After you have draped your saree (over a sleeveless inner blouse if preferable), just shrug on your jacket blouse, unbutton from the top, and drape the pleats over the shoulder, going above the jacket for a completely new saree look. If you are unable to find a jacket blouse that perfectly suits your saree, you can also buy blouse pieces online and have them stitched based on your style and preference.

Statement Jewellery
Jewellery has always been one of the best ways to accessorise any outfit. The only thing that you must remember when you buy bangles or any other jewelry online to accessorise your saree is not to overpower your look. Focus on one statement piece to make an impact. Though sometimes the occasion calls for the whole deal – bangles, earrings and a necklace, you be the judge. Consider the occasion and the saree you have chosen before you select the jewellery to go with it.

Hair Accessories
Styling your hair with some fresh flowers or gajras is one way to up your style quotient immediately when wearing sarees. Add an embellished hair clip (in leather, bamboo, silver, etc.), a bun pin (for those with long hair), hair beads/ chains or a decorative hair net…each has a special charm and adds oomph to your look. Sarees are one of those outfits which always fare better with hair embellishments.

These days, the bindi has foregone its traditional role and has become a decorative embellishment that is available in a multitude of colors and shapes, with a lot of designs to choose from. Use kumkum, sequined dots, liquid liners, etc. to create a unique bindi. The bindi can be effortlessly blended with wearing a saree to add an instant pizzazz to your persona.

The kamarband or the Indian saree belt is an exquisite piece of Indian jewelry that has been around for centuries. Ranging from a simple chain to some elaborate designs, the kamarband helps accentuate your curves. There are options in embroidered cloth, leather with zari work, lace/ crochet belts and more. Especially suitable for low waist sarees, the kamarband is an excellent option to accessorize your saree.

Brooches & Pins
Sometimes the answers to your questions lie in the simplest of solutions. The best place to pin a brooch is to replace the plain safety pin on the shoulder with a decorative brooch. Choose from various vintage looks and quirky ones, as the look demands. Buy fashion jewellery online and choose from a range of brooches and pins that suit your saree for the simplest ways in accessorising.

Bags & Clutches

Another simple way to amp up your saree look is by choosing a perfect bag or clutch to go with it. You can easily buy these clutches or tote bags online, choosing one that suits your look perfectly.

Wraps & Cardigans
Accessorising is not always about the bling. Sometimes an elegant wrap or cardigan is enough to alter your look and make it a style statement. Try a stole or a simple shawl draped on one shoulder to notch up the elegance quotient.

So the next time you are about to wear a saree, you can easily experiment with the wide range of accessories that are available to you, and create an awe-inspiring look that is completely you!

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