11 Mar

So you may think that Bengal Cotton Sarees are the most common and cliched thing ever, but, let me assure you that you are deeply mistaken! I hail from Bengal and believe you me, there is no such thing as a “common” Bengal Cotton Saree. So what do you have to choose from? Well, just Dhonekhali, Tangail, Kantha, Baluchari, Batik, Dhakai, etc. etc. to name a few. There are just such an amazing plethora of options that it completely blows my mind. Every Durga Pujo, yes that time of the year when we women get carte blanche to shop till we drop, my mind is in a quandary trying to decide which of these amazing weaves to buy. I have tons of Tangails and once you soften the starch with loving caresses, there is nothing quite so soft and comfortable in terms of a drape. And, then you have this dilemma of what to accessorise it with as these Bengal Cotton Sarees are the perfect foil for the over-the-top jewels as well as the earthy, understated statement pieces. Basically anything works!

The Baluchari tells a story in the weave where mythological tales unravel with every fold of the saree, the Kantha elevates the humble stitch-work to a whole new level, the Dhakai shows you the brilliance of the cutwork motif, the Batik is pure poetry with its spidery waxy designs, the Dhonekhali make you looks at stripes and contrast like never before. As you can see the fascination never ends! Go get your Bengal Cotton Saree today from Redbrickshop.

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