14 Jul

The childhood days when we used to stand in front of the mirror for hours, trying our mother’s entire saree wardrobe is amongst the most beautiful memories for a girl. Come to think of it, every girl, at least once during her childhood, would have lived this moment to see how she looks in such graceful attire.

But time flies, and before you realise, moments become memories. Today, the woman of the 21st century is valiant and eager to experiment, and like the evolution of the Indian woman, sarees, which were once deemed as a traditional attire of several clans, have also evolved. The craze for wearing a saree would have waned if it was to be draped in one single way every time, but thanks to fashion, celebrities and Bollywood, there is absolutely no dearth of options to be innovative yet evocative. All this, while carrying the legacy of wearing the saree, and that too with a distinct sense of style.

Remember Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Desi Girl’ look? We certainly do, and we still remember how it became a rage in 2008 and gave major saree goals to every young girl. Well, it may be a thing of the past now, but it sure proved to be a catalyst for an average girl today, seeking inspiration while draping a saree,  looking to fuse the flamboyant with the contemporary. In that context, celebrities are certainly evangelists, constantly reinventing different styles of wearing the saree.  And that gives us some serious food for thought – if they can reinvent and thereby revive the timeless beauty of sarees, then what’s stopping the average woman to do so?

There have been several celebrities from the media world who have inspired us to buy sarees online, and wear them not just for the soirees but for the occasions of casual camaraderie as well. We are going to share the three most outrageously innovative saree-draping ideas with you, and we are sure that they will pique your interest and coax you to not just buy a saree online but also set new fashion goals; goals where the saree is your attire of choice.

Saree on a Beach


The newest inspiration is Mandira Bedi; someone we believe needs no introduction. She is a bona fide style diva, and among those who are ageing gracefully. Recently on her family vacation to Maldives, she adorned the sarong saree from her own designer collection ‘SALT’.  An eclectic fusion of bikini and saree, this is a must try the next time you head out to a beach.

With the Denim we go


Sarees and beach is not just the only unique combo; saree and denims with moccasins too is one potpourri that can add oomph of the leisurely kind to your personality. Recently, Mini Mathur made several eye balls turn with the unique denim saree blend. What really worked for the look was not just the lovely saree piece, but also the choice of the checked blouse which brought about a classy break in flow to what she wore. We wouldn’t be surprised if you are looking for similar blouse pieces online right now!

One with the Crop Top


How many of you have thought of teaming your sexy crop top with a saree? Well, the answer to that may well remain a mystery, but when we spotted Jacqueline Fernandez bringing the idea to life, we realised how effortlessly stylish it looked. All you need to do to rock this look is search for cotton sarees online, and team them with your favourite crop tops.

Let’s put things into perspective here – There’s no doubt about the fact that all these inspirations inspire you to experiment with personal style, but have you realised the one ‘common’ factor, is the ‘saree’?! A saree isn’t a new kind of attire, it is something that has been there for ages, and like everything timeless, it exhibits a grace and an evocativeness that’s hard to match. Think about it – By wearing sarees, we are in a way, contributing to keeping our tradition alive, aren’t we? And lest we forget, the youth of our diverse nation is the one who’s driving it, refusing to be on the periphery of things, constantly experimenting and innovating to reinvent the idea of draping a saree in an elegant and modern way.

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