It is hard to believe that there exists a person who does not love the six-yard beauty. The quixotic drapes, the gorgeous detailing, and the way it sits on the body, spells out opulence in the truest form. The women of India are blessed to call their own, this gorgeous six-yard attire that can be draped and wrapped around the body in more ways than one. While nothing quite compares to a gorgeous saree complementing the beauty of every girl, it is important to pick the right kind of saree for your body shape.
Yes, we totally agree that choosing a saree is solely based on personal choice. But to drape it elegantly, we have some fabric advice for you before you set out to buy a saree online.

Apple-shaped figure
The apple shaped beauties are the ones who have broader chest and stomach as compared to the lower body. We know that you want to balance out your body frame, so when choosing your saree fabric, prefer to buy silk and georgette sarees with heavy pattern on the pallu. Heavier designs on pallu or bold prints on pallu divert the attention from the body frame. Also, wear longer blouses that come down to upper waist to cover up the heavier upper body.

Pear-shaped figure
Pear shaped ladies have marginally wider lower body in comparison to their upper body. Sarees in chiffon and georgette fabric with decorative borders, prints, or embroideries can perfectly highlight your assets. Since you have a heavy lower body, do not go for mermaid cut as that would highlight your lower body. For the same reason, also prefer not to pick saree fabrics that are too stiff.

Athletic-framed figure
Athletic framed females too can flaunt their curves by draping a saree in a right way. Interesting prints or even embroidery on crepe or satin saree can cape your body well. These sarees create falls that can amazingly enhance your curves. Also, you can perfectly pull of sarees with heavy prints and borders, so do not shy away from buying those.

Delicate/ small-framed figure
Anything plain can make you look smaller, so shop online for sarees which have thin borders, or medium prints, or even heavy embroidery. A heavy saree can make you show off your curves. You do not have to worry about fabrics; you can go with any. The only thing you have to take care of is the design and detailing.

Hourglass-framed figure
You are blessed for having the most proportionate body if you are the hourglass shaped princess. Without a second thought, you can go for any saree fabric like chiffons, georgette, tissue, net, chanderi, or silks that highlight your waist. One thing that you need to take care of is picking darker shades of saree to slightly mute the louder curves.

Fuller-framed figure
A girl with a fuller frame should avoid stiff fabrics such as organza, or brocade and also should stay away from broader and bigger prints. For you, the perfect saree fabric material is chiffon with tiny motifs and linear prints all over. The ideal way to choose the fabric material is the one that drapes your body well.

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