About Us

Style is individual, it is unique. Much like your persona, evocative, vibrant and, just you. Join us on a journey through our country and know the nuances of our handicrafts, some of which have been long forgotten.

In Sanskrit, the word Saree means a 'strip of cloth'. There are more than 80 documented styles of draping a saree...choose your own way to express yourself. Be fascinated by this mere 'strip of cloth' as it takes you into the richness of each region and drapes you with the mystique, that is India.

At Red Brick Shop we invite you to come and explore the many threads of vibrant India. We travel to the interiors and cull out the best weaves. We bring you the blessings of the master craftsmen. Come explore your rich heritage and revel in the exquisiteness. We, bring you India, especially for you.