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The art that goes into the making of Bandhej sarees is a highly-skilled process. This type of saree is a traditional tie and dye Rajasthani style of design, and the technique used involves dyeing the fabric, which has been tightly tied at several points with a thread. The Bandhej style of design can be used to produce varying patterns like the Shikari, Bavan Baug, Chandrakala, etc. depending on the manner the cloth is tied. Typically made with georgette, chiffon, silk, kota, or cotton, these sarees are famed for the sheer intricacy and vibrancy of their designs. The distinctive technique of pinching and tying the cloth in various designs and then dyeing it results in a light fabric with geometric or floral patterns, generally done in bright colors with white patterns and contrasting borders. Some bandhej sarees also have variations in designs with the incorporation of butis and zari border.

Bandhej sarees also use gota-patti work to make it more festive. Women in Rajasthan wear these sarees both as daily wear and as festive wear. Paired with traditional silver jewellery, the Bnadhej sarees are truly striking. Women from the aristocracy and royal families also favour these sarees in chiffon or georgette.

Bandhej sarees instantly give a rustic, formal, and elegant flair to the overall look, taking the wearer through the mystic castles and dunes of Rajasthan. This particular design of saree has been sourced and spread all over the country, straight from the heart of Rajasthan.